Felicity Kennel is a small kennel concentrating on Blenheim and Tri color Cavaliers.   I acquired my first Cavalier in 1974 and I still find Cavaliers as charming and interesting as I did in 1974.

I have been active in dog clubs for more than 30 years and am a founding member of ACKCSC and CMW.  I am a memer of  2 all breed kennel clubs.  I currently serve Treasurer of Nebraska Kennel Club of Omaha, Nebraska.

My goal is to breed happy, healthy long lived Cavaliers.   My adult dogs are checked annually for MVD and eye abnormalities as well as routine vet examinations.

I have owned and or bred Cavaliers that have AKC Champion titles as well as Club Champion titles. However, they are companions first and show dogs second.

I can be reach most easily by e-mail (arabarb@cox.net)

Source of Happiness
Last Updated: 2/15/2013